Meet Manuele

This is Manuele. He is our second youngest child- he’s five years old. He’s beautiful, and full of personality. We joke that he’ll have 40 wives by the time he’s 18 because he seduces everybody! All the kids love to dance, but Manuele really loves to dance. He’s always in trouble with the preschool teacher because he falls asleep in class, because when the older boys stay up late dancing, Manuele won’t go to bed- he stays up to dance with them. All he wants to do is dance. The staff used to practically exploit him, because we’d tell him, “C’mon Manuele! Dance for us!” And he would dance and dance for us.

Also, Manuele loves riding in the car. Many times, he’ll grab my hand, saying pleadingly, “e moto, e moto…”- meaning he wants to go in the car! Sometimes, we do that for fun. We’ll go, the kids and me, hop in the car and ride around the Mission, then come back. And the kids are all thrilled.

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