New Shoes!

Click on the picture above to see a slideshow of photos of the donated shoes being packed up and sent off.

J. Jeff Scott, a supervisor at Langer, Inc., a biomedical company that makes orthotic and orthopedic devices, heard through a friend of Cabrini Swaziland, Helen Peluso, that it was difficult for us to obtain such items as shoes here in Swaziland.

Jeff’s company happens to receive returns of orthotic sandals for various reasons, and it was previous company policy to dispose of them. Upon learning of the need for shoes at Cabrini Swaziland, Jeff wrote to his CEO and the company decided to route those shoes to Swaziland.

Sending the shoes was another obstacle, but through a serendipitous interaction with a friend, Jeff was connected with Brian Gaisford, a native South African, who is able to bring the shoes with him when he travels to South Africa and leads groups on safari.

The tally of shoes on their way to Cabrini Swaziland is now over 1,000 pairs. Read more about this inspiring story on the Cabrini Mission Foundation website:

“Sandals of Hope Article”

From Jeff Scott:
“Here are the photos of the shipment of sneakers going to Brian in NYC. The meeting between Sister’s Barbara and Diane and Brian is set in a town they are both familiar with. Brian has devised a great way of bringing the sneakers, sandals, and shoes into Africa. Over the next 3-4 months, we will ship close to 1000 items of footwear to Africa. I wish you all a Happy New Year.

“PS. I sent a compilation of the photos taken over the course of getting this together. A few of those behind the scenes helped me tremendously. Ed Haas is a director that made the decisions as to what shoes and sneakers would be given to me to ship. Wilma volunteered to help me, and showed up when I needed her. The others pitched in as needed.”

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