Welcome to Our Blog!

Welcome to our Blog. Though the word is still strange to us, many of our friends, including Nicholas Kristof of the New York Times who visited in June 2006, suggested that we start one. So, this will be a way that we (Sr. Barbara Staley and Sr. Diane Dalle Molle) and our colleagues in Swaziland can share with friends, family, and supporters.

We’ll use this Blog to tell what days are like here, what’s going on with the children, programs and projects like the farm, and how the community is faring. We’ll also provide links to further reading about Swaziland and the issues we face here.

We’ll also have links to the Cabrini Mission Foundation — newsletters, pictures, and other updates — and lots of photos of the children and life around St. Philip’s Mission.

To get started, we’ve added posts to bring you all up to date on Cabrini Ministries and its work in Swaziland.

Join us in living the work. And do be sure to add your comments, and share this blog with friends.

6 thoughts on “Welcome to Our Blog!

  1. Hello there! I am so excited that you have a blog so that I can keep up with all the wonderful work you guys are doing in Swaziland. Blogs are great, and I will add you guys to my weekly blog reading!

  2. Welcome to the TECH world! Love your SPAM filters.

    I read this was coming and was happy to receive your email.

    I am forwarding this to our Cabrini alums from Burbank.

    Congrats and best wishes,
    Cabrini Alum

  3. Congratulations on the blog, and I’m glad my urging helped get you on the web. You do amazing work, and these photos bring it all back. Some time give us an update on those various AIDS orphans.

    Nicholas Kristof
    The New York Times

  4. How awesome is this!! Congratulations on the Blog.
    “For this, we have undertaken such a long journey” (St. Frances Cabrini, 1890) – YOU, who are the heart, hands and feet of this mission and WE, who will use this blog to become more aware and connect with you acoss the globe. Thank you for bringing these beautiful faces of hope to us!

  5. Another dream has come true with the creation of this blog. Thanks for keeping us up to date on the wonderful presence and good work that continues at Cabrini Ministries.

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