What is a Blog?

“Blog” is a word that is short for web log.

A blog is a website that is maintained like a diary, with entries (or “posts”) appearing in reverse chronological order, so the newest appears first.

The word “blog” can be used to refer to the website itself, or it can be used as a verb to describe the act of creating the website or posts (such as: “We will be blogging new and exciting stories on our blog”).

Blogs range widely in form and content. Most blogs contain text, images, links to other websites or blogs, and an interactive “comments” feature that allows readers to leave comments that appear on the blog.

The only difference between a blog and a traditional website is that a blog tends to be updated and changed more often, and follows the style of an online diary.


Subscribing to the Blog is great way to enjoy it.

Subscribing is free and easy. All that it means is that you will get a short email in your email box when a new article is posted on the Blog. (We post a new article every 1-2 weeks- so you won’t receive many emails.) It makes it easier for you to read the blog because you don’t have to find it on the Internet every time. It will send you the article, like a traditional newsletter. From the email message, you can click through to view the whole Blog if you want.

Instructions for Subscribing to the Blog:

All you have to do is type in your email address into the blank box in the upper right corner of the blog, and click on the button that says “Get email updates.”

You will be taken to a screen where you will see 1, 2, 3: 1) Check to make sure your email address is spelled correctly. 2) Type in the letters and numbers that appear as a security measure. 3) Click on the button that says “Subscribe me!”

You will then receive a message in your email to confirm your subscription. In the email message, click where it says “Click here to activate your account.” This will take you to a confirmation screen, and you will be officially subscribed to the Blog.

If you ever want to unsubscribe, just send a message to admincabriniswaziland1@gmail.com.


We always welcome and encourage comments on any of the articles on the Blog.

Here’s how to make a comment:

At the bottom of every Blog article, you will see: “Posted by Cabrini Ministries Swaziland at (date and time) Comments”

Click on the word “Comments.”

This will take you to the Comments screen where you can type in your comment in the blank box. When you are finished, click on “Publish your comment.”

Your comment will then be available for people to read when they click on the word “Comments” at the end of the article.

Any questions about the blog? Please ask! Email: admincabriniswaziland1@gmail.com

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