New Video of OVC Hostel Children

Technical challenges notwithstanding (!), we are happy to be able to share a bit more video with our international community out there.

Click on the square below to view some recent video of the OVC (Orphans & Vulnerable Children) kids playing at the hostel and hear the voice-over of a staff member.

From the video:
“So these children are the OVC children, in Cabrini Ministries’ OVC hostel.

“These are some of the few children who have been able to find mercy through the help of Mother Cabrini and all those that are part of [the works].

“Almost all of these children are orphans- they’ve got no parents. And, most of the parents, they die out of HIV and AIDS, including tuberculosis.

“When the Sisters came here, they had to go around the homesteads and they were able to fund some of the children to come down here. It’s not all of the children, but they do not have enough funds to care for all of the OVCs in the areas here. There are hundreds and hundreds of OVCs here, but they don’t have enough funds for them all. So these are the few who are fortunate enough to be in the hostel. There are about 100 and some kids.

“So we are thankful for these works and the works of everyone who has a concern for these children in the international community for supporting them materially, and even spiritually, and giving them hope… that it doesn’t mean that- if you don’t have parents, life is useless for you, but there is still life and hope after the death of your parents.”

Sr. Barbara & Sr. Diane

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