In the Spirit of Christmas Giving- A ShelterBox Photo Album

Click on the square below to view a photo album of scenes from when the organization ShelterBox ( visited our community in Swaziland. The photos show scenes of distribution of the boxes to needy families in our area, pictures of some of the homesteads that were damaged or impoverished, and various shots of implementing the equipment- like setting up the small stoves that are used for heat and cooking.

ShelterBox Visits Cabrini Ministries' Community in Swaziland

ShelterBox relies on generous donors and volunteers to provide special tent-packages to areas stricken by natural disasters or humanitarian emergencies, and the packages can provide a large family with shelter, tools, and emergency supplies. Read more about the ShelterBox visit by clicking on this link to an earlier blog post:

You can see in the photos that the people in our community are very grateful for receiving these simple gifts.

As the Christmas season kicks into full gear, we want to remind you to let the spirit of the love and grace of Christ dwell in your heart and let it shine through your actions.

Blessings & love,
Sr. Barbara Staley & Sr. Diane Dalle Molle

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