Happy New Year- Profile of a Child: Hlekisile

We want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year, and offer a story of hope and new life for the New Year about one child we care for.

This is Hlekisile. Hlekisile has one of the most tragic backgrounds of any of the children. Sometimes it’s difficult to talk about the children’s stories, but we believe it is important because it shows how a child can bounce back, and that there is a lot of hope for these children for brighter futures.

While her father was dying of AIDS, her mother was murdered, supposedly by the father’s family- she was accused of “bewitching” her sister-in-law. Her father died 6 months later of AIDS. After that, the eight children in Hlekisile’s family shuffled around between homelessness and the homesteads of extended relatives, starving and being severely mistreated.

We discovered the children homeless in 2006 on our home-visits. Hlekisile is the youngest, and she has some siblings in the hostel with her. She is 11 years old, and she is finally going to school. She is well-behaved and enjoys playing with her friends at the hostel. She is part of a dance group and a choir group.

Hlekisile needs extra love, care, and kindness, but you can see from the photos how she beams out a genuine light. We consider her a small success story because these kids are facing so much opposition in their lives- and just to have them go to a primary school is such a huge achievement.

Blessings and thanks to our wonderful community around the world for the New Year!
It’s been said many times- but we see it directly- hope for the future is found in the light and love of the children of today.

Srs. Barbara and Diane

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