Rebuilding With Faith After The Storm

We wanted to send word out to our worldwide community about the storm that hit us here at St. Philip’s Mission.

On December 26th, at about 4 PM, a heavy rain started, followed by hurricane force winds, then a tornado. The storm was severe and did major damage. Among some of the damages: the roof to the house over our living room was blown off, we lost the whole kitchen to the children’s hostel, we lost our maintenance and storage office, the roof on the girl’s hostel was damaged and leaked and ruined bedding and other items, we lost a newly planted crop of chilies, etc. A lot of trees and debris were downed around the Mission so much that we could barely get around. We are estimating that the storm did about $30,000 in damages just to our facilities. Many of our community members in the area lost their homes, because the homes are not very strongly built in the first place. Electricity lines and telephone lines and cell phone towers were down all over the place, and it’s been very hard to reach people. Miraculously, we haven’t heard of anyone in the entire area that was hurt in the storm.

We are staying strong in spirit and just trying to find the continuous energy to deal with all of the additional challenging demands of cleaning up after the storm, on top of our already demanding healthcare and orphan care efforts. We pray for the homeless now and for the support and strength to rebuild to continue to provide love and care to those in need.

Blessings and love,
Srs. Barbara & Diane

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