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Hi everyone! A few quick items of interest for you:

CBS News (a major network in the USA) sent reporter Sarah Carter to do a news story in Swaziland on HIV, AIDS, TB and the PEPFAR funding (The US President’s Emergency Program for AIDS Relief) which has been distributed all over Africa. This is in preparation for President Bush’s visit to Africa. Cabrini Ministries hosted them here all day. They took footage of our drop-in center, then accompanied one of our nurses on home visits to four different patients. The reporter interviewed Sr. Diane, and the patients and Thandiwe (our nurse). This will probably air on Monday and possibly Tuesday night, although she said it could come on as early as Saturday. It was a great day and the reporter may return in the future to do more work with us. We will post more information on the blog as it becomes available, but if you happen to watch the CBS Evening News, look out for us!

Jane Gilooly’s film Today the Hawk Takes One Chick, which was filmed in our community and shows the health care services we provide from one of our staff member’s perspective, premiered at the ICA in Boston, MA to a sold-out house. Jane & crew did a great job portraying the issues at hand, and the universality of the struggles people here are facing. Evoking both tears and laughter in the audience, this film puts human faces and a human connection with the issues and statistics you hear us talking about. More screenings in the future are listed below at the MFA in Boston:

Boston, MA MUSEUM OF FINE ARTS – MFA Remis Box Office: 617-369-3306
March 20 Thursday 8:00 pm with director Jane Gillooly
March 22 Saturday 2:30 pm Co-presented with the LEF Foundations “Filmmakers Face to Face” program, with director Jane Gillooly
March 23 Sunday 1:00 pm with producer Tracey Kaplan
March 27 Thursday 2:00 pm
March 29 Saturday 1:00 pm with executive producer Pat Daoust
April 6 Sunday 5:45 pm

We posted last time about ‘C’, our OVC hostel kid who worked extra hard to catch up to his grade level, and managed to achieve scores on his national exam that were in the top 2%. We weren’t sure how we were going to be able to afford all of C’s school fees and costs, which amount to several thousand dollars. The good news to report is that someone has pledged to support him and he will be moving forwards in a good school, working hard, making great progress, and being an inspiration to the other kids.

(That’s C on the right- smiling!)

Blessings & love to all,
Srs. Barbara & Diane

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