Life-long Impact

We received the following email from a volunteer who served with Cabrini Ministries several years ago.  It is always exciting to hear about the work going on in Swaziland extends far beyond just the mission here.

Sisters Barbara and Diane –

My name is Anna Brice and I stayed at Cabrini for 10 weeks through the IE3 program in summer 2010. I wanted to send a note to express to you how much I appreciate the opportunity you provided me. I just got accepted to a new medical school in Oregon starting this upcoming August. Looking at my application and my interview, I am constantly reminded how much of a gift my experience in Swaziland was. The experiences and interactions that I had at Cabrini were cited multiple times during my application process. I have learned about myself that much of my motivation and inspiration to pursue medicine with such vigor is the desire to work with under-served communities and, ideally, one day return to Africa. This inspiration would not have been possible without your generosity and accepting me in to your community.

I truly feel that I am on the path God has intended for me. I am so grateful to all of the pieces that made this possible, and I cannot thank you enough for your role in helping me get to this point. I hope that this email finds you well, I cannot tell you how much I enjoy reading the blog and trying to keep updated with things in Swaziland.

Thank you not only for your help and impact in my life, but for the impact you have on those in the Swazi community. I will continue to keep you and those you work with in my prayers.

In grateful appreciation,


Stories like Anna’s remind us that life transformation occurs not only for those who are served, but also for those who serve.