Meet Bongani Khumalo

‘I aim to captain the boat and to make sure it keeps floating’

‘I aim to captain the boat and to make sure it keeps floating’

Bongani Khumalo
Cabrini Ministries
Director, Healthcare Department

Bongani Khunalo is an independent self-starter who graduated with a diploma in nursing from the Mpilo Nursing Training College in Bulawayo Zimbabwe. His passion for nursing came from the desire to want to give back to his community; he knew that there was so much he could do for his people. Today, Bongani is the Director of what is arguably one of Cabrini’s busiest and most impactful departments. Having joined the organization as a regular nurse, Bongani serves as a concrete example of how far one can go to improve oneself.

Within his department, he manages and creates policies that have to do with the healthcare piece of Cabrini. One of Bongani’s mantra’s for life is: ‘Just do good’. ‘When you see an old man, and he thanks you so much, you know that his gratitude is coming from the bottom of his heart’ says Bongani ‘There’s no greater feeling than that, so I believe in just doing good because I can, why shouldn’t I?’ Bongani has indeed done well for his community and his department. He prides himself with the work he’s done to transform his department from a poorly coordinated façade into a well-oiled machine that delivers. Once a group of over 20 people would come in displaying only positive results, today, in a group of only over 20 people only one person might display positive results. This serves as a testament to Bongani’s leadership ethic and the immeasurable work that his team has done in St Philips.

Being at Cabrini has helped Bongani to improve his interactions with the St Philips community. When he sees that some of his clients are still alive despite having previously stared death in the face, he knows that he and his team have done their job well. He enjoys working with his team, and he admits that because of their hard work and determination, he is where he is today. His desire is to see his colleagues move up professionally and gain more qualifications and experience.

An ambassador for personal development, Bongani is currently pursuing a degree in development and management from the University of South Africa. He hopes to use his qualifications to further connect with his community, to climb up the professional ladder and to one day lead an international organization. His hope for Cabrini is that it continues to grow and be an international player that serves as a role model for excellence in service delivery.

After work, Bongani can be found playing soccer with his colleagues around the St Philips mission.

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