Meet Simo Mamba

‘Education can change the world, so we should help our children without delay because delaying will destroy their future’

Simo Mamba
Cabrini Ministries
Director, Education Department

Simo Mamba joined Cabrini Ministries as a Math and Science tutor in 2006. He is passionate about education and his belief that education can change the world led him to work as a secretary for a youth group that educated his local community of St Philips about the dangers of HIV and AIDS. His desire to improve the lives of the youth in his community led him to Manzini, where attended the William Pitcher School of Teaching, where he graduated with a diploma in teaching math and science.

As an advocate for equal education, he believes that all people should be able to access the same opportunities. ‘I preach the gospel that people should be educated’ says Simo ‘When you look out, you can see that there is no place for those who are not educated, everyone should be able to read and write’. This zealous spirit lead Simo and his team to develop the Cabrini Arithmetic and Reading Enhancement (CARE), an after school program which assists the children at the hostel with their math and English literacy skills. In addition to CARE, Simo takes pride in his contribution to strengthening the evening study program for the hostel children; through his contribution the children now receive individualized attention from tutors and they are able to get help with whatever they are struggling with. His goal for the following year is to ensure that at least 70% of Cabrini’s students are able to pass into another grade, and he will ensure that all tutors are equipped with the right resources to make this dream possible.

Growing up, Simo looked up to leaders like the late Kwame Nkrumah of Ghana, Nelson Mandela of South Africa and United States civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King. These leaders inspired Simo, and today he considers himself to be a community leader. He accredits Cabrini with enabling him to change his mindset into a more ‘solutions oriented’ mindset and he is very grateful that through Cabrini he has been able to better understand the needs of his community. Consequently, he wishes that the government could increase the pensioners fund and roll it out on a monthly basis as opposed to every three months. Simo admires the government’s efforts to provide free primary school education but he says if he was prime-minister he would first make sure that the basic needs of school going children such as food, housing and health are taken care of.

As the director if his department, Simo has confidence in diversity as a form of conflict resolution. He believes that whenever a problem arises the entire team should sit down and discusses the root cause of whatever issue is at hand. In addition to this, once a solution has been formulated other departments should be consulted for feedback on their solution, ‘this ensures the reliability of the solution’ he says.

When he’s not at work, Simo enjoys gardening spinach, his favorite vegetable, and he enjoys watching his favorite football teams the Mbabane Swallows and Barcelona.

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  1. Please say hello to Simo for me. I am part of his American family and am proud of him and his accomplishments.

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