TB Awareness Campaign

Cabrini’s New Tents on Display Before Use

On June 13th Cabrini Ministries, together with the National TB Control Program, held its first major TB Awareness Campaign in the town of Siphofaneni. That being said, the campaign also addressed issues of gender and sexual violence. To gain the attention of the public the Healthcare team together with members of the community marched around the town while being serenaded by the beautiful sounds of the Royal Swazi Police Band. Thankfully, through the efforts of the Healthcare team; the event was a huge success with over 730 people in attendance and over 132 people being screened for TB.

The crowd was kept entertained by the talents a local Swazi-Tradition Danced Group, a local DJ and youth drama group just to name a few. Also in attendance was a prominent member of parliament and the Chief of the area; both of whom gave outstanding speeches. What’s a party without food and gifts right? Hence, everyone who attended the event was given food to eat and t-shirt to go home with. What a success for Cabrini!



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