Meet Mrs. Sauda-Atikpo

B. E. Sauda-Atikpo
Cabrini Ministries
Director Family Services Department

Mrs. Sauda-Atikpo is a very charismatic and passionate member of the Family Services Department at Cabrini Ministries Swaziland. As an African-American, she has always felt the desire to connect with her ancestral heritage and to give back to Africa. Having graduated with a Masters of Science in Social Administration which also doubles as a Masters in Social Work, her passion for Africa led her to Ghana where she assisted social workers to work with Orphans and Vulnerable Children. After a brief visit to Cabrini Ministries in the latter part of 2014, she decided to the join team of change makers here.

As Director of the Family Services Department, her work includes working with the Department of Social Welfare in Swaziland and learning cases from places in the community that need her help and to come up with sustainable solutions that will address some of the challenges community members face. ‘I challenge my staff to think outside of box, more than just providing conventional assistance’ she says. Her goals are to build the foundation of the Family Services Department so that it can increase the quality of help it provides. The Teen Club run by the Family Services Department and supported by the HealthCare Department serves as her inspiration. ‘It’s inspiring to see young people from all over the community come together, learn together and to be feel like they’re part of group lead by teen leaders’. She takes pride in this initiative and credits her team for playing a big role in making sure this initiative and others are a success. In fact, she acknowledges that without her team Family Services would not be where it is today, the Family Services Team serves as her back-bone and her motivation to wake up every day. She expresses her gratitude towards them for not only accepting her as her own but for showing love, care and the continuous desire to grow professionally.

At Cabrini, She has made it a point to educate people that the ills they face in Swaziland are not so far removed from the ills faced by the African-American community and other ethnic minorities in the United States. She is passionate about issues that have to do with social justice and inequality. ‘If I was prime-minister for one day, I would make sure that the National Disabilities Act is pushed, finalized and pursued’ and ‘I would also advocate for female representation in the Umphakatsi (Traditional Council). She is glad that her time at Cabrini has brought her closer to the St Philips community and that as a result she’s been able to identify pressing issues that require national attention.

A family person at heart, she enjoys being with her family and reading with her children. When she’s not working, she can be found watching basketball or baking what have been described as the best ‘vegan cakes’ in all of Swaziland.

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