Meet Pius Mamba

Pius Mamba,
Cabrini Ministries
Cultural and Community Liaison

'Changing the political system is the key, unless we change the way we do things politically the education and health systems are affected'

‘Changing the political system is the key, unless we change the way we do things politically the education and health systems are affected’

Pius Mamba is member of the Mamba Royal family; he joined Cabrini Ministries in 2003 and took on the role of Cultural Liaison. Having grown up in a very poor family, Pius knew that he had to work hard in order to inspire his siblings and his community. With his enthusiasm and ambition for learning he completed his secondary education at Salesion High School and went on to major in Accounting and Economics at the then University of Botswana and Swaziland. Upon completion of his tertiary education, he went on to teach math and accounting at different high schools however, his thirst for success lead he and his brother to start their own business. ‘I would never go hungry until I completed all my tasks for the day had been completed’ recalls Pius, ‘As the managing director of the company I learned a lot of lessons, hard work being one of them’.

The situation in the Ngcamphalala Community, where Cabrini operates, was very rife at the time Cabrini started its work. Not many people understood the English Language thus Pius joined the team as someone who understood both the English and Swati way of doing things. Having operated within the realms of business for most if his life, he had never imagined working within the healthcare sector, not especially with HIV and TB positive patients. ‘I was born here but when I started going out, I began to know my people more and the level of poverty I found here was shocking’ he recollects, ‘I was surprised though at the way I felt when I was helping people, Instead of helping the people, I was helping myself and I would go home happy because of having done something good’. Pius acknowledges that being at Cabrini opened up his mind to the plight of his people and it made him use his skills to benefit his people rather than just himself.

As Cultural and Community Liason, Pius role at Cabrini Ministries is to advise the organization on how best to approach matters of tradition and Swazi culture. He is particularly helpful in mediating negotiations between Cabrini, hospitals in the region and the local chiefdoms. Being the longest serving member of Staff at Cabrini and also being an older Swazi, many people respect him and heed his advice, thus he is well suited for his role. In addition to this, Pius had been instrumental in founding and coordinating the Education Support Program (ESP). ESP was established by Cabrini as a sponsorship program for children from homesteads who are not able to pay for their education. To date, ESP has sponsored over 500 children in nearly 20 different high schools, with seven children attending various tertiary institutions.

Pius is passionate about soccer and music. In the past he ran a soccer club and he was one of the founders of the Manzini Cathedral Church Choir, one of the biggest choral ensembles in Swaziland. His favorite soccer team, the Mbabane Swallows, is very fond of his support. Pius’ desire is to see a decrease in the level of corruption in Swaziland; he believes that a change in the political system could dramatically decrease the level poverty in the country.

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