Tertiary Fund Beneficiary: Thandeka

Thandeka is 22 years old. In 2002, at the age of 8, Thandeka came to Cabrini after being referred to us by one of her primary school teachers at St. Phillip’s. The primary school teacher noticed that she was not thriving in her current homestead and recommended her to live at Cabrini during the school terms. After arriving at Cabrini, she underwent treatment for Pellagra, a disease caused by malnutrition. The treatment was successful and she soon began enjoying a healthy and happy life at the Cabrini hostel.


Thandeka Magagula

Because of her impressive scholastic records and passion for learning, in 2011, Cabrini was able to enroll Thandeka in Our Lady of Sorrows, a private boarding high school with an excellent academic reputation. In 2014, Thandeka graduated Form 5 (which is the equivalent to 12th grade in the states.)


At the Form 5 (12th grade) party, when Sr. Diane, the executive director of Cabrini Ministries Swaziland, asked the Form 5 graduates about their plans before receiving their results, Thandeka boldly declared that she would be best put to use assisting the matron of the new girls’ boarding hostel that Cabrini was opening on the mission. Impressed by her determination, Sr. Diane then hired her on. From January 2015- July 2015 she worked as the assistant boarding matron.

In August 2015 Thandeka began her studies at Good Shepherd College of Nursing, attending their Nursing Assistant Program. Her fees are proudly paid for by Cabrini’s tertiary fund. The tertiary fund is a fund setup by Cabrini and paid for with the help of generous donors from the U.S., specifically for students associated with Cabrini that wish to and are able to continue their studies in higher learning institutions.  She finds the work challenging as well as interesting, and is excelling in her classes. Her plans for the future are to finish her studies and get a job working in the nursing field. She then hopes to continue furthering her studies in higher education, including eventually receiving a P.H.D!

We are so proud to support Thandeka’s hard work and commitment to her education and future. We know that her determination and passion will get her far in life, and we wish her all the best!

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  1. Congratulations to Tandeka. Some clarity might be helpful, the terms “tertiary fund” is not real clear to me and Form 5 is equivalent to what level of education for your readers, the majority of whom live in the USA?

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