2017 Graduation @ St. Philips Pre school

Cabrini ministries as a community based organisation has once again celebrated another successful graduation of pre-scholars from St. Philips pre school.

Such celebrations have always been moments of joy to the Cabrinian family as the organisation uses such services to ensure a solid foundation to a brighter future of excellence through education.

In partnership with parents,  St Philips primary school  has worked to ensure  a better and successful community by imparting quality education at the very foundational level of the young lives.

In deed the future is bright for us!!!

Thumbs up to this team of dedicated teachers,  who do not just have a duty but above all love for the  formation of these young stars.



pic 1 - Copy (2)On 20 May, Cabrini Ministries hosted our 3rd annual Family Day for Guardians and students in our Family Services, Education and Childcare departments.  This year we hosted around 200 guardians, students and staff.  We have these events each year to provide a safe and non-threatening atmosphere for families to just “be” together.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere that families can enjoy each other’s company without having to worry about the stresses of life.

Sharon Singleton, our childcare manager, said “I loved the atmosphere of the day.  The parents were like kids totally enjoying themselves.” And if you look closely at the pictures you can see just that, parents and children both enjoying themselves like a kid would!


pic 4

This year we had 7 game stations that families rotated through after receiving a free TB screening.  Some of the highlights of the games were sack races, traditional Swazi games, egg and spoon race, musical chairs, pin the tail on the donkey and other silly and fun games.  Everyone was a winner, leaving with handfuls of sweets!




Simo Mamba, Education Manager for Cabrini Ministries, had this to say about the day.  “Family is not always about relatives, but the people in your life who want you in theirs and accept you for who you are.  The Family Day event that Cabrini Ministries held last month made some of us to realize that the Family Day celebration is not only for blood related people, but also for those who have a common goal.  Seeing a number of mothers and fathers playing and eating with children they are not related to reflects our common goal of raising a good future of leaders.  A child belongs to a community, not just individual parents.”


pic 8

After a couple hours of games and recreation, each participant was given a small fruit snack and then headed into the conference room for the informational portion of the day.  We were privileged to have Sr. Barbara Staley, General Superior of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and Sister Diane DalleMolle, Regional Superior of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart, in attendance.  Our guest speakers this year were from our Healthcare department.  They spoke on TB education and the importance of immunization in children.








At the end of the day, the families gathered outside to enjoy a nice meal together.  It was another wonderful Family Day Event!




On 23 June, Cabrini Ministries Swaziland celebrated the Feast of the Sacred Heart.  In honor of this special day, our staff participated in various community service initiatives as a way of showing love in action even beyond the work we do on a daily basis.  Each department selected a special project where they could serve community members in need as a way of working together and sharing our blessing with others.

fun - Copy - Copy - Copytrash collection

The preschool staff, along with the preschool students, helped to make St. Phillips Mission clean by picking up over 10 bags of trash!

trash collectionpre-school

Other departments visited homesteads and helped clean, cook, fetch water and wash blankets.  Tasks that the members of the homesteads struggle to do because of age or disability.

washingcleaning - Copychild care - Copy (2) - Copy














The education department visited a local preschool and spent the day teaching and playing with the students.


The day concluded with a beautiful mass and meal, as we celebrated together the Feast of the Sacred Heart.

While serving the community is at the very core of the work Cabrini Ministries does, being able to take a day to serve in more personal and focused ways was a great opportunity for all.  We are blessed to be a blessing to others.

2 Canonical visits in one month (MAY)


Cabrini Ministries Swaziland  has been tremendously blessed this month, by having two  canonical visits from Sr. Babara Staley, the General Superior for the Missionaries of the Sacred Heart and His Excellency +Rev  Peter Wells.Such visitations are incumbent on the shepherd who would properly feed and guard his flock.

IMG_0723 - Copy

IMG_0760 - CopyIn her speech to the staff  Sr. Barbara emphasized that ”we are not a faith based organisation but we are a faith organisation”.   ”we are not in love but we are love” In addition to that she said: ”As Cabrinian we have been chosen by God to be here to show love  to  his people… and as a missionary community to show the love of Jesus by taking care of those  suffering physically”.

” As humans we are called to know and love one another and thus express our humanity and that,  sets us apart from animals” 

(Below: Sr. Barbara showing her dance moves with Cabrini Ministries Hostel children)

IMG_0707 IMG_0713 - Copy

The presence of the General superior in the mission was not just a historic event but her presence rejuvenated the Cabrinian Missionary zeal and and the genuine, selfless love for the people of God.

The canonical visits were culminated by visit of  the Nuncio +Rev Peter Wells who blessed Cabrini Ministries by showing love and humility as he explored the work of Cabrini Ministries. His symbolic Gesture of sharing Rosaries with the Cabrini Management ,  shows his call to the staff to continue to pray as they do their daily work. Today in Cabrini we can stand and say “Emanuel Cabrini”



The eighth born of nine siblings, Sikhumbuzo lost his mother at the age of four and six years later he lost his father as well. From then on, his older brothers shouldered the DSC_0013(Sikhumbuzo sharing a light moment cake with one of his colleagues)

responsibility of raising him and his three sisters, the youngest of which was orphaned at birth. The children’s subsequent admission into the hostel at Cabrini Ministries came as a welcome relief to the family whose economic strength was nothing to write home about.

The boy started school in the same year he came to live at St Philip’s Mission and went to perform steadily well through primary school. At first he did not stand out as a high academic achiever but was notably a dedicated pupil and it was collectively decided by staff working with him that he be sent to a more competitive boarding school environment. It was a decision that he was involved in making and one that would turn out to be the best boost to his academic prowess. He exceeded everyone’s expectations when he passed his JC exams with a merit, scoring an A in four subjects and going on to ace his SGCSE exams two years later by obtaining seven credits, qualifying for enrolment in the highest learning institution in the country if offered a place.

DSC_0012(Sikhumbuso Sharing a light moment with Simo)

Sikhumbuzo’s present character reflects a well-groomed young man who has emerged from shell of soft-spoken shyness of earlier years. During his high school career he developed impressive life skills that include public speaking, a far cry from what he was as a primary school. He started to take part in debate sessions at camps hosted by Cabrini every term break, eloquently presenting on behalf of his team. At a party held in his honor in February this year he confidently stood in front of the other hostel residents and shared his intended career path. There he was, disadvantaged as the rest of them in home background but also as privileged with opportunity, telling of his success and encouraging all to use every resource at their disposal in pursuit of their goals.

For the duration of his stay at the local hostel and boarding school, Sikhumbuzo, affectionately called Mphungane(a Fly), was the epitome of respect and good manners. Not a single instance of outright disobedience or major conflict has been reported and in cases of a disagreement he would articulate his case politely and arrive at an amicable resolution with the second party.    Though his life circumstances might have looked like a recipe for a bleak future, this young man certainly has the wherewithal to turn his fortunes around.


Travelling down the dusty rocky dirt roads of into the bush of a sprawling mix of thorny cactus, ancient aloe plants, and sugarcane, you find huts made of stick and mud alongside modern circular shaped brick houses. Although in this unique rural scenery it tends to be very quiet, within the daily work of Mrs. Zodwa Gama, she hears the echoes the haunting screams of the aftermath of the HIV/AIDS pandemic, drought, poverty, domestic violence, and child neglect.   Currently, Zodwa is a paraprofessional caseworker at Cabrini Ministries Swaziland. Zodwa has stated that there tends to be misunderstandings about what a caseworker does especially in the rural areas, but once her role is explained most people realize that can get more from the faith-based organization than just Healthcare Services, OVC care, and education support.


She has worked over ten years within the organization. For the past three years, she has been a caseworker in the Family Services Department. Although her matrimonial home is in the city, Zodwa chooses to return to the area that she grew up in as a child week after week to work with the most poor and vulnerable in Swaziland’s Lubombo Lowveld. The Lubombo rural lowveld has some of the highest rates of domestic violence, sexual abuse, and poverty in the country. Zodwa’s daily tasks as a Family Services Caseworker include visits to homesteads, conducting comprehensive family centered assessments, liaising with community partners, and providing psychosocial support. The aspects that she loves about being a case worker is working with people and getting to know them individually. Zodwa believes that a person being respectful, being able to assist families with identifying their strengths and needs, not making false promises, and adhering to confidentiality are the most skills needed by an effective case worker. Zodwa believes that the major result of her work and that of the department and the overall organization is to bring back the hope to children, youth, and families especially those who feel like they have no hope for a brighter future.


In all humility Cabrini Ministries prides itself in teen formation, which aims at producing not just a vibrant youth but better citizens ready to face tomorrow,  through self expression in the form of art, activities and games.

df - Copy - Copy

(The campers are doing an art activity. They are with the Cabrini university students making some jewellery of their choices using coloured beads and strings)

This year began with a bang when youths from all over the Lubombo region gathered together at St. Phillips Mission, bringing with them their energy  eager minds joining with Cabrini College Volunteers and local staff,  to discuss issues today that affects their tomorrow.

The camp aims at empowering young minds, and thus shed a light to the future to keep them interested and equipped to face the future as mature citizens.  lets take a glimpse to this glamorous event that gave 2017 a head start this Mission.

dfg - Copy (2)

In this session they are doing a scavenger hunt game where they have to read a question from the paper and search for an individual who fits the question to sign under that question if its related to her/him. The first five campers to complete the grid win.


Mixed campers (males and females) are enjoying their soccer match although the weather is not conducive for playing soccer. 




dfgs - Copy

Although soccer is known as a sport for males, female’s campers are very competing in soccer match.

dfgfdsg - Copy (2)


It’s very amazing to see boys participating so much in net-ball as it’s known as a sport for females, clearly we are breaking boundaries and stereotypes here.

For all this amazing experience, gratitude is forwarded to the department of education which played a major role in organizing this event. and to all departments that contributed in the most powerful and enormous way. moreover, the parents and guardians who believes in this organisation and thus allow Cabrini to be a co-parent to the future leaders. most of all to God who made everything possible in the charism of mother Cabrini and the Sacred heart of Jesus which never stops pouring the love Jesus.