Annual Program Report

We are pleased to share with you our 2014 Annual Program Report.  Cabrini’s programming year runs from October 1 through September 30. This report provides an overview of the new and exciting initiatives that have occurred in the last year and also outlines the strategic path forward for the organization.

You can download the full report (PDF) here (also available as DOC file) or view the highlights below.  Previous reports are also available:  2012  |  2013

Executive Summary for 2013-2014

2014 has been a year of celebration, transition and expansion in the life of Cabrini Ministries. The Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart are in their fifth decade of service in Swaziland while Cabrini Ministries just celebrated its tenth year serving the people of the Lubombo lowveld. A renewed strategic direction, a broadened mission and continued expansion of services has brought rapid and tangible transformation for the organization as well as for the families in the area during the past year. New staff members have contributed exciting dimensions to the work while existing staff have continued to step into roles of increasing impact and expertise. Cabrini has also experienced a major leadership transition that has provided skills and passion to global roles while allowing local staff to increase their influence and contribution in the organization.

Since its inception, Cabrini has identified itself as an HIV and TB organization; this developed as a result of the pressing needs brought about by the AIDS epidemic that was reaching its climax of devastation in the early 2000s. In recent years, the crisis management of the disease has transitioned into the provision of chronic care services. Accessible and affordable treatment has made HIV a manageable disease, but the long term effects of a lost generation of Swazis are only now beginning to be understood. As the needs of the community have changed, so too has Cabrini’s response. What had been organic adjustments to programming was formalized this year through an intensive process of dialog and strategic planning which resulted in a new mission statement and a refined identity:

Cabrini Ministries is a faith-based community care organization serving the Lubombo lowveld with a mission:

To share the love of Jesus Christ by promoting the well-being of individuals and families through comprehensive integrated health care, child care, education and social services to the most poor and vulnerable.

By acknowledging our broader calling to be a “Community Care Organization” we are embracing our rich history while also preparing ourselves for the expanded work required to address the tattered social fabric left by the HIV crisis. Last year we announced the creation of our Family Services Department to address new community needs; now more than ever we realize all of our work is linked to the broader care for individuals and family in their community settings. We are excited to share with you in this report some of the new initiatives emerging beyond Health Care and Child Care including expanded education services, enhanced homestead assessments, focused support groups for HIV+ children, and dedicated initiatives for women and girls. This is in addition to new work within previously existing focus areas such as the launch of a TB unit, expansion of community education and our development of courses for children interested in deeper spiritual formation and commitment.

Cabrini also experienced a major transition in leadership this year as Sr. Barbara Staley, MSC, one of the founders of the organization, left her role as Deputy Executive Director to serve as the Superior General for the worldwide order of the Missionary Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Without doubt, her leadership and charisma cannot be replaced. We are, however, excited and proud to see her share her passion and expertise on a global level. This has also allowed for existing staff to take on new leadership roles bringing more local leadership into positions of influence.

Wherein previous annual reports from the organization have sought to present a comprehensive picture of all of the Cabrini engages in, this document focuses on the what is new and exciting, as well as the path to the future envisioned by our leadership. The programmatic overview will provide you a full appreciation of the impact of the organization. While statistics often fail to capture the full breadth of work and involvement, the following figures provide a quick snapshot of the successes of Cabrini Ministries in the last year:

  • A total of 4,201 individuals received direct care from Cabrini.
  • Our Child Care staff cared for 880 orphans and vulnerable children.
    • 200 of these children received a full comprehensive care package.
  • 2,071 clients were served in our Health Care Facility.
    • The rate of clients initiated on life savings drugs that were alive and on treatment one year after initiation was 96.4%, representing the highest figure since detailed records have been kept.
  • 1,250 Individuals were assessed on 207 homesteads.
  • The Family Services Department provided 585 interventions to at-risk individuals and families.

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  1. Wow…when I see results like these, I am reminded of the comprehensive work you do at Cabrini and how proud we are to be your partner. Congrats!